What we do

Highland Outdoors is a grassroots, community driven tour de force. As West Virginia’s only independent outdoor magazine, we are the go-to voice on all things adventure in the Mountain State. We explore West Virginia’s outdoor adventure culture by sharing stories about its outstanding recreation opportunities, lovely landscapes, world-class events, important issues, and inspiring individuals in our quarterly print and digital magazine.

Why we do it

Because West Virginia is, simply put, one of the most beautiful and ecologically diverse places in the world. It’s a fine place in which to play and an even finer place to set down roots. Beyond West Virginia’s awesome landscapes, Highland Outdoors is the embodiment of the growing community that defines the Mountain State. Our publication reflects the efforts of everyone who’s been involved along the way, from contributors and advertisers to our beloved readers and even the dedicated few who’ve dropped off stacks of magazines around the state (thanks, Mom).

We infuse each issue with the collective stoke shared among adventurers for our wild and wonderful playground. We channel our passion for our home-state by supporting inclusive access to and conservation of our radical recreation resources. Because the outdoors is for everybody, and we’d like to keep it that way.

When we do it

Four times a year, when our spectacular seasons change (unlike anywhere else in the U.S.), we print a vivid magazine filled to the gills with incredible photos and stories for you. We get the mags delivered on a palette, throw ‘em in the HO Mobile, and hand-deliver them to more than 100 select locations. Oh yeah, we also have our shiny website available 365 days per year for your instant outdoor gratification.



Dylan Jones

dylan Jones


Dylan Jones has been falling and hurting himself while climbing, biking, paddling, and skiing across West Virginia for over three decades. He got hooked on adventure sports while earning his bachelor’s degree in Journalism at West Virginia University. After several international adventure trips and completing a Master of Public Administration degree back home at WVU, Dylan embarked on a freelance writing career that quickly led to the position of managing editor at Highland Outdoors while under the direction of magazine founder Eric Lee. Dylan took the reins from Lee in October of 2018, and the rest is history that’s still being written on a quarterly basis.

Nikki Forrester


Nikki Forrester is sous chef, head mold-breaker, and creative mastermind behind the wacky design of Highland Outdoors. She loves writing about all things science and is particularly passionate about the natural history and ecology of West Virginia’s stunning ecosystems. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from the College of William and Mary, and a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Pittsburgh. Along with science, Nikki is a big fan of playing outside. Most recently, she picked up mountain biking and cross-country skiing. You can also find her climbing, snowboarding, and botanizing on long hikes.


Highland Outdoors is published by DJones Media, LLC. Copyright 2022.

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