Got an idea for a story? Got some amazing photos you want to see in print? Drop us a line and contribute to the movement.

Submission Guidelines​

Highland Outdoors is a community-driven magazine telling West Virginia’s outdoor adventure stories. We do this in a playful, not-so-serious manner that provides our unique voice. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from living in West Virginia, it’s that everyone’s got a story! Send yours as a 3-5 sentence pitch. Please specify a unique story angle, and if you’re able, a proposed word count.

The Mountain State is fortunate to be home to a growing stable of incredible photographers. However, you don’t have to be a seasoned professional to be published in our pages! Send your photos via Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar file sharing method. To be considered for publication, photos must be original hi-resolution files and at least 200 DPI. We do publish the occasional cell phone photo, but photos MUST be of sufficient quality, hi-resolution, and at least 200 DPI.

On that note, let’s keep that printing press rolling! Send all story and photo submissions to editor-in-chief Dylan Jones


Written content: Rates are based on length, department, and previous experience contributing to Highland Outdoors.

Visual content: Rates are negotiated per photo or illustration, taking into account placement, quality, and size.

Please contact Dylan Jones for more details on our current contributor rates: