Gift Subscription

Give the gift of print to your loves ones, your office Secret Santa, your friends, or even your frienemies (hey, they deserve to read good articles, too). This is the same fantabulous subscription as our regular subscription, only giftier! Whether it be anonymous or announced with pageantry, your lucky recipient will have four issues to remind them of your goodwill. Now, go do something nice for yourself, you altruistic human. Thanks in advance from the friendly HO staff for supporting independent adventure journalism!

$26.00 for 1 year

SPECIAL NOTE: Please put the gift subscription recipient’s name and address in the shipping address field when placing your order. Orders placed within 60 days of the publication date for the current issue will receive the current issue to start a subscription. Orders placed within 30 days prior to the next issue coming out will receive the next issue to start a subscription. Our gift subscription covers four (4) issues, or one (1) year, of Highland Outdoors magazines. Gift subscriptions do not auto-renew. We’ll send a note with the final issue letting the recipient know they can renew if they wish to continue receiving the mag.